MAY 2020

COVID-19 – Moving to Alert Level 2


During all alert levels your Corcoran French team has been working from home.  With the move to Alert Level 2, our offices will reopen on Monday, 18 May 2020.  

Some of our team may still continue to work from home, but all will be easily contactable, and all can see you in our offices.

You’ll be aware that it’s still not quite business as usual.  We’ll offer on-line meetings where possible, using Zoom or Skype.  The phone works too, as does email.  We can also see you for document signing at our offices or at your place.

Physical distancing

If you’re coming to our offices, we will still need to maintain physical distancing of 1 metre in accordance with government rules.  We have plans in place to accommodate that.

Contact tracing

We also need to record your details for contact tracing, again in compliance with government rules.  We have made that as easy as possible for you when you arrive at our offices.

1.       We’re using which is simple to use. 

It’s quite simple.  On your phone you can either open up your web browser, or use a QR code reader (you can find a free one from your app store). 

When you arrive, scan the QR code or enter the alpha code in your browser.  Add some details, and you’re in!

Scan again when you leave, and you’re done.

2.       Alternatively, you can give your details to our receptionists and they can load your details.

We’ll record only the information we need in order to comply with government requirements, and retain it only as long as we need to.  We won’t share it with anyone other than the Ministry of Health if they require that.

Court, mediation and similar

Arrangements are in place for these type of events and our lawyers will continue to liaise with you directly about those.

It’s great to be back, and we’re looking forward to seeing you.