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Introducing Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer graduated in 2014 with a conjoint Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Management Studies from the University of Waikato.

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Monthly Newsletter

It's all about relationship - property that is - Dividing property when a relationship ends is often a challenging task and one which typically comes at a time of emotional upheaval.

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Rural eSpeaking newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of Rural eSpeaking for 2019.

Enjoy the articles in this e-newsletter – we hope you find them both interesting and useful. If you would like to talk further with us on any

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Trust eSpeaking newsletter

Welcome to the autumn edition of Trust eSpeaking; we hope you find the articles both interesting and useful.

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Quarterly Newsletter

What about the Fineprint? The Terms of Trade Question. We all get used to just accepting the fineprint when we buy goods or services these days.

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Capital Gains Tax - The Final Word

The much-anticipated final report of the Tax Working Group (TWG) was released on 21 February and, unsurprisingly, recommended the introduction of a broad-based, realised capital gains tax regime.

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