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Trust eSpeaking newsletter

Welcome to the autumn edition of Trust eSpeaking; we hope you find the articles both interesting and useful.

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Quarterly Newsletter

What about the Fineprint? The Terms of Trade Question. We all get used to just accepting the fineprint when we buy goods or services these days.

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Capital Gains Tax - The Final Word

The much-anticipated final report of the Tax Working Group (TWG) was released on 21 February and, unsurprisingly, recommended the introduction of a broad-based, realised capital gains tax regime.

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Commercial eSpeaking newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of Commercial eSpeaking for 2019

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Introducing Jarom Murphy

Jarom is based at our Kaiapoi office and specialises in private client, commercial and property law.

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Monthly Newsletter

Your Consumer Rights - We are often asked to advise on disputes over consumer goods such as costly electronic items, household furniture and sports equipment.

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